Naida Hiraza
Physical Attributes
Age 20 (assumed), 175 (after death)
Gender Female
Status Deceased, Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Personal Information
Family Vate Hiraza, Djude Hiraza, Aere Hiraza, Kalen Hiraza, Onak Hiraza, Rita Hiraza (siblings)
Affilation Hiraza Family

Zazarr Empire (former)

Earliest Appearance 9-5 E155
Latest Appearance 1-6 E155
Appears In Who?, Alive?
Personal Log None
Naida Hiraza is a former empress of Zazarr and oldest of the Hiraza siblings.


Naida has not appear much so far. She is shown to be strict and proud in Onak 's log. She disappears after Onak's "death".

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