Onak Hiraza
Physical Attributes
Age 15 (assumed), 170 (after death)
Gender Male
Status Deceased, Unknown
Hair Color Brown (originally), Black (currently)
Eye Color Blue (originally), yellow (currently)
Personal Information
Family Naida Hiraza, Vate Hiraza, Djude Hiraza, Aere Hiraza, Kalen Hiraza, Rita Hiraza (siblings)
Affilation Hiraza Family

Zazarr Empire (former)

Earliest Appearance 4-5 E155
Latest Appearance 25-5 E155
Appears In Who?, Alive?
Personal Log Who?
Onak Hiraza is the former fourth prince of Zazarr and the sixth sibling of Hiraza. According to Aere Hiraza, he is mentally ill.


Onak first appears in Who?, which is also his log. He visits the garden with Rita Hiraza, where they come across the white rabbit. They later have tea in Kalen Hiraza's room. He also helps Aere Hiraza organize books in the library. He spends two days being sick, and afterwards he is present when Rita is scolded by Naida for bringing the white rabbit indoors. From then on, he is visited each night by Rita and hears a scraping sound in the corridor. After Rita's body is found dead in her room, he refuses to believe that it is in fact her, and after her funeral a couple of days later he locks himself into his room. The black cat is gradually getting closer and closer, and when Onak begins spending his nights in Kalen's room it even sleeps in the same bed as them. In his log, we learn that he is being visited by "a man with eyes" every now and then. Onak states that "he is scary" and asks Kalen to keep the light on in her room. After his body is found, his hair has fully changed into black and he has adopted a cat-like behaviour. In his last log entry, Onak writes that he will go to the forest and search for Rita. According to Aere's log, he is nowhere to be found after the discovery of his body, making Kalen the last one to see him. He might have succeeded in going to the forest, since Aere's log ends with him saying that he is on his way to the forest to see Onak and Rita.

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