No. Item Name Gina Ban Takeshi Yoshihara Kazue Ogata Yuriko Mita Jiro Adachi Toru Niwa Noriko Seki Chihari Endo Izanami Ameno-nuho-hoko Toshiko Uehara Takumi Maita Faxhul-hempex III Manami Arakaki Yuichi Honda Donnie Ronnie
01 Mineral Water C C C C C C C B C C C C C C C
02 Cora Cola C C D C C D D C C C C C B C D
03 Civet Coffee C D B B D C C
04 Rose Hip Tea
05 Sodium Chloride
06 Starry Chips
07 Rainbow Biscuits
08 New Moon Croissant
09 Hyperspeed Cup Ramen
10 Prince Magnificurry

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